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Explore the countryside with comfort, security and style, wherever your journey takes you. Little Guy Trailers gives you a wide selection of cozy camper trailers to accompany your cross-country adventures. Choose a size, design and price to suit your needs and head to your favorite camping destination to enjoy modern luxuries amongst the remote serenity of the great outdoors.

Our products include top-line camper brands made to endure any wayfaring voyage and serve you faithfully for years to come. Camper trailers and teardrop trailers combine the finest assets of larger RVs with the convenience and accessibility of traditional camping. The compact size makes it easy to travel the country with virtually any vehicle and enjoy sheltered, comfortable accommodations without the high cost of gas or hotels.

Browse our long lines of teardrop trailers, camper trailers and more to find the ideal design for your trips. Our namesake Little Guy trailers are always a popular favorite, along with the larger Shadow, Aliner and stylish T@G and T@B models. Also check out the newest addition to our convoy, the spacious and accommodating Meerkat. Find your perfect camper today and give us a call! (866) 977-7607


Little GuyLittle Guy

The “original” teardrop created by Little Guy, presents a modern, casual twist to the traditional understanding of teardrops. Available in 4′, 5′, and 6′ wide, these were designed to be ideal for 1 to 2 adults, a couple of kids or small pets!

Silver ShadowShadow

The Silver Shadow family is inspired by the classic teardrop trailer, complete with a silver exterior and birch interior. In addition to the retro appeal, the Shadow includes LED lights, black wheels with baby moons and a meshed A-Frame Tongue.


The T@G Teardrop Camper Trailer is the result of a combination between its older sibling the T@B teardrop travel trailer, and the classic teardrop trailer from the 1940′s. The T@G features the modern amenities, doors, windows, and styling from the T@B while marrying it with the retro, teardrop shape and diminutive size.


The T@B teardrop travel trailer was created a decade ago, inspired by the classic teardrop camper trailer of the 1940′s. This unique camper takes the concept of teardrop trailers to the next level by adding bright colors, dynamic lines, standing room and many creature comforts not available in typical teardrops.


The MeerKat is a unique trailer that meets the very specific needs of many of today’s customers. The trailer offers stand-up headroom, porta-potty, and an ice box. It can also be stored in a standard garage and at just 900 lbs it can be towed by just about any car.


An Aliner is unlike any other pop-up camper. It is hard sided and takes just 30 seconds to setup. The Aliner is easy to tow, a breeze to maintain, and simple to store. It features quality construction and handcrafted details.


A versatile, ultra-lightweight, pop up camper. The GO trailer will tow behind any any vehicle and is the perfect gear-hauling camper for small car owners and serious outdoor travelers.


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