Little Guy

The teardrop camper has been around for almost 100 years. During that time, most manufacturers have continued to create teardrop campers that look and feel just like the earliest versions. Little Guy Trailers has found a few ways to put a modern and casual twist onto the “original” teardrop camper. When you stop in to see a teardrop camper and Little Guy trailer dealer in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll see first-hand what makes them so different from their traditional counterparts.

The three main teardrops campers available through Little Guy Trailers are the Little Guy Max, the Little Guy Mini Max, and the Little Guy MyPod. Weighing in at more than 3,100 pounds, the Max is the largest of the three teardrop campers and features plenty of room for people to spread out. It also includes features like LED lighting, multiple charging outlets, and more. The Mini Max, meanwhile, is slightly smaller at just under 2,000 pounds and would be better suited for those traveling with small SUVs. The MyPod is the most compact of the three. It weighs just 630 pounds and is ideal for those with smaller vehicles.

Despite their differences, all three of the Little Guy teardrop campers were designed to fit one or two adults as well as one or two small kids or pets. You can test them out when you come to Little Guy Trailers to see a teardrop camper and Little Guy trailer dealer. Each option takes the key elements that have made teardrop campers so great for so many years and builds on them to provide people with a truly unique teardrop camper experience.

Get in touch with Little Guy Trailers at 866-977-7607 if you’re looking for a teardrop camper and Little Guy trailer dealer in Los Angeles, CA.