Camping Gear & Trailer Accessories

Little Guy Hat


Six panel ball cap 100% Cotton One size fits all



Men’s & Women’s Front logo with large logo on back. Size S through XXL

Polo Shirt


Little Guy logo only on the front. Cotton/Poly blend. M/W S through XXL

Little Guy Mug


White ceramic coffee mugs with blue print.

Ceramic Mug


Each one is hand crafted. Teardrop and palm tree design.

Ceramic Bowl


Each is a work of art. Teardrop and palm tree designs.

Teardrop Magnets


Handmade and hand glazed. Assorted Colors.

Tire Claw


Chock it and Lock it! Strong and pick resistant.

Receiver Cover


Don’t let your tow vehicle receiver go naked!

Alignment Kit


The ideal solution for aligning your trailer hitch to your tow vehicle ball.

Flashlight and Keyring


9 LED Lights, Super Bright. 3 AAA batteries included.

LED Track Lights


Each light pod has 3 LED lights. High and Low Setting. 6 AAA batteries

Teardrop Party Lights


10 Trailer lights on an 8-foot strand.

Teardrop Coin Bank


Save up for your next trip! Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Teardrop Photo Frame


5″x3 1/2″ frame for your camping memories. Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Teardrop Ornament


Avaliable in Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Lantern Soap Dispenser


Nice touch for any trailer. 7″ tall.

Lantern Coin Bank


Save up for your next trip! Easy access from bottom.

Hiking Bells


Snakes, Bears, and Critters can hear you coming. Hike Safe.

Little Guy Duffel


Store your stuff. Available in gray, blue, orange, pink or red

Little Guy Sling Pack


Easy to carry with water bottle pouch. Available in gray, blue, orange, pink or red.

Solar Panel


Keep your batteries charged. Folds to store, easy to use.

Mobile America DVD


1-hr documentary by host Huell Howser. Wonderful archival material.

Replacement Handle


We have all pulled the handle a little too hard. If your handle broke it is easy to replace.

Ultimate Fire Fork


Roast almost anything over the fire.

Flame Gel Decal


2″ x 8″ Pack of two decals.

Propane Fire-Pit


Enjoy the warmth of the fire with the ease of propane

Bear Rug


Keep the dirt out and add a bit of charm with this bear shaped rug.



Sometimes you just gotta go.

Butane Stove


Self-contained Butane Stove.

Hiking and Camping Literature


Tons of information on hiking and camping.

H2Out Space Dryers


Removes moisture from the air, keeping your trailer clean and fresh. Comes in two sizes.

12v USB Charger


Keep all your electronics juiced up.

Teardrop Keyring


Free with any purchase.